From startup to stardom: Building the world’s largest travel search engine

As Kayak’s tech partners since 2008, we worked to build fully integrated native iOS & Android apps that extended their web-based experience for users on the go. We also improved its backend integrations, while our dedicated team of QA engineers work with them to provide end-to-end services.


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Stanford, CT


iOS, Android & Web


“I have managed remote teams now for over ten years, and our early work with Arbisoft is the best experience I’ve had for off site contractors”

Paul English,
Co-Founder, KAYAK

Kayak & Arbisoft

Since 2008, Kayak and Arbisoft have been technology partners working together on a number of core aspects of the software. Founded by Paul English & Steve Hafner, Kayak is a travel search engine with part of its engineering team based in Germany. Its aim is to make travel management easy, simple, and swift. As the world’s leading provider of aggregated travel search results including flights, hotels, car rentals, and deals, Kayak constantly needs to build and improve its backend search technology. Kayak’s proprietary search technology depends on integrations with hundreds of providers and resellers around the world.

How We Fit Together

We worked together with Kayak’s in-house team to build fully integrated native iOS & Android apps that extended their web-based experience for users on the go. Our data engineers provide email parsing from itineraries that are sorted on the basis of service providers and scanned for a number of fields or field combinations and presented to users through Kayak.
Our engineers use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to augment Kayak’s existing data capabilities and help it utilize and present data in better ways. This extends to itinerary email parsing to ensure data consistency regardless of email structure.
Arbisoft also provides end-end test coverage for Kayak’s web and mobile applications, including coverage of all their staging servers and releases on production servers. Thanks to our QA engineers, Kayak and its users can always be sure there’s someone keeping an eye on all the functional units of the software and changes being made to it.

Making It Matter

Our contributions have enabled Kayak to rapidly expand into a worldwide travel search engine: With over 50 million downloads from 30+ countries, 5 stars from over 140,000 happy travellers, and featured listings in the App Store, it’s easy to see why the apps won 10 Webby awards and were included in Wired Magazine’s ‘8 Best Apps for World Travelers.’
Arbisoft and Kayak have grown side by side through increased revenue, improved service delivery, and the development of an industry-leading product kept at the forefront of technological advancements and changing user requirements in its niche by our team of dedicated engineers; thus, establishing Kayak as the search engine of choice for its users.

Technology Used

Python3.6, Tensorflow, Pandas, Docker, Pytest, Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Gensim, ScikitLearn, Spacy, NLTK, Matplotlib, Pytest, Pep8, Pylint, Pytest-cov, Beautiful Soup, DateParser, LXML, NodeJS, MySQL, Apache Hive

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